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Aluminium Nose Clip manufacturer

As a Aluminium Nose Clip Manufacturer, share with you.

FeiHong will provide you with adhesive-backed aluminum nose clips for masks to enhance the fit of your masks. Simply place this strip on the bridge of the mask that fits your nose, and you can shape the mask to suit your shape.

Many people do not wear masks in daily life. Now, under special circumstances, many places require masks. The most important thing is to wear masks correctly. We need to do the following:

1. Your face mask needs to cover your nose AND your mouth.

2. The mask should fit comfortably on top of the bridge of your nose.

3. While you don’t need to cover your chin, it adds a better seal over the mouth.

4. The mask should fit tightly enough to prevent it from moving but not enough to hinder your breathing.

Aluminium Nose Clips are widely use in the health face mask, planar face mask, cup mask, respirator mask, breath mask ,disposable face mask tc.

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