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Aluminum Metal Nose Strip Exporter

As a Aluminum Metal Nose Strip Manufacturer, share with you

Aluminum Metal Nose Strip that are made of metal, easy to use and come n vanious multipacks to fit your needs.Aluminum Metal Nose Strip with adhesive, no rust, smooth surface, can be used for a long time. 

About Aluminum Metal Nose Strip

Pros: Not only are these nose bridge strips easy to apply and bend into shape , they also have adhesive that sticks well to most types of mask matenals.

Cons: May break in half after repeated bending.


1. Wash and dry your hands and mask with a mild detergent or hydroalcoholic solution.

2. Peel off the paper strip from the back of the Nose Bridge to reveal the adhesive side.

3. Align the adhesive with the outside area of your face mask where your nose will be. 

4. Press the adhesive side of the nose bridge firmly to your Meryl reusable face mask. Making sure that all parts of the Nose Bridge are attached to the mask. 

5. Place the mask on your face and pinch the Nose Bridge to secure it to your nose contour.

6. Attempt to exhale and feel if there are any pockets of air leaving the top of the mask. If so, then readjust the nose clip.