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China Exhalation Valve for Dust Mask Manufacturer

Exhalation Valve for Dust Mask description:

Exhalation Valves are a critical component of dust mask and respirators. They are designed to permit minimal inward leakage of air contaminants during inhalation and provide low resistance during exhalation.

This exhalation valve is suitable for all kinds of Dust Masks, also be called as breather valve, dust mask breating valve.  

Valves on masks and respirators are very simple: 

plastic base, middle rubber and plastic cover; to make it simple, we will take away the top cover to see how the rubber and base work with the air.

The middle silicone rubber is very soft, so you can move it by your breathing:

1.When air comes from the rubber side, it makes the rubber stick on the plastic base firmly to cover the hole not allow air in from here.

2.When air comes from the base plastic side, it blows open the rubber edge (but still fastened on the base in the middle) to allow the air goes through the hole.